Friday, September 8, 2017

Chainsmokers --- Chainsmokers

Welp, it sure has been quite a long while[1] since I last posted anything on this blog right here. In keeping with this blog's "No frills. No bullshit." tagline, here's what happened: Ever since I finally managed to get out of that dead-end job I clung to for almost a decade(!!!), most of the time I should have allotted for whipping up posts left and right have been overly spent on trying to maintain some semblance of presence on social media[2], organizing my ever-growing music collection[3], learning a few really basic tricks in both Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, getting frustrated whenever my Internet connection decides to crawl at a snail's pace or even if it does go ultra-fast at certain times of the day, being unable to come up with anything interesting to write about, and sometimes just staring into space[4] wondering when the hell would any company out there hire me to do their dirty work already[5]I have yet to transfer most of my other posts from my older Wordpress blog to this one, do some follow-ups to the whole Spoken Word Classics I started posting here, dig my own memory circuits for me to start writing about whatever experiences I can still remember from all those past shows I've dragged my sorry ass into throughout the years, and do a lot of unfinished tasks that had been piled in some imaginary back burner after taking an extended leave of absence from blogging. Long story short, I've been gone for some time from the blogosphere but now I'm back with lots of discoveries and thoughts to share along the way.

I've always held a deep-seated disgust for EDM duo The Chainsmokers mainly because the dumbed-down production that has since become their bread and butter offers absolutely nothing new and is catered towards an audience that is similarly braindead while reveling in their excessive, consumeristic lifestyle. The kind of lowbrow party tunes The Chainsmokers and many others like them are making is very much the polar opposite of a lot of forward-thinking electronic music I've encountered from way back when the whole big beat and drum 'n' bass scenes had their respective 15 minutes of fame up to when I discovered the joys of listening to minimal techno and EBM[6]. This post is not about The Chainsmokers but about Chainsmokers. Yep, I've just typed that with a straight face as the latter, while having shared the same name with the button-pushing tandem, is of the hiphop persuasion. But some might ask, hiphop has its own share of acts with little to absolutely nothing to offer other than their worn-out rhymes involving hedonism as best exemplified by the glorification of the triumvirate of "guns, bitches and bling". Worry not as this Chainsmokers from L.A. that I found has more in common with the alternative hiphop scene brought about by rappers and producers who didn't fit the mold of what the mainstream wanted. Their first and only album from 2005 that they put out on their own fits right at home with the roster of New York's Definitive Jux that one could very easily mistake them for an act signed to the said independent record label. Roses what? Say You'll Never Let Me Go what? Gimme the hiphop Chainsmokers' record anytime which can be streamed in its entirety as well as downloaded below:

Here's to hoping I would be able to make Obsessive Listening an active blog once again before 2017 comes to a close.

1 Exactly six months as of this writing, that is.
2 Aside from the usual Facebook news feed scrolling and chatting with some friends doing some catching up with what's been going on outside of the confines of my personal workspace, I'm also one-half of a local music-oriented page and an occasional contributor to a meme page. So yeah, it's not as if I just spend my entire day asleep on the wheel even if this blog's lack of recent activity might give off such a vibe.
3 Because the quest for new sounds to listen to never stops.
4 Or the void, depending on how you look at it.
5 As long as I won't get to experience the same horrible shit I went through for most of my corporate career anymore. Gotta land that day job in a company I could truly be proud of.
6 EBM = Electronic BODY Music which should not be confused at all with EDM/Electronic DANCE Music.

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