Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lucy Rose Live in Manila

Second show review for this month is for something I almost didn’t really want to go to for two very simple reasons. Monday night isn’t exactly the most ideal time to go to a show of any sort[1] and I’m not really that fond of seeing the same foreign act twice as I’ve already seen British indie folk singer-songwriter Lucy Rose two years ago over at Wanderland[2]. The thing though was that I changed my mind anyway just a few days prior to the event itself and went last Monday night over at 12 Monkeys with a long-time concert buddy who so badly wanted to see Lucy Rose after having missed out on her first ever visit to the country[3].

It has been a terribly long while since I last saw indie folk band Fools and Foes who did a rather fine job opening the entire show and keeping the crowd all pumped up for the long night ahead. Last Monday night also marked the first time I’ve seen Fools and Foes perform that collab song[4] they did with a bedroom musician I barely know anything about[5] and heard some of those new songs they’ve debuted as part of their recent live recording sessions[6]. With the current level of musicianship that they have, I could only foresee even greater things ahead for Fools and Foes in the near future.

Fools and Foes

Most if not all shows I’ve dragged myself into have always been SRO[7] is why I could barely contain my shock after having found out that the staff of 12 Monkeys did not clear all those couches and tables[8] to make room for a sizable crowd that night. While I initially wanted to just go all the way to the designated standing area at the back of the venue along their bar area after having heard that availment of any couch would require consuming at least one bottle of hard liquor worth more than a thousand bucks, my buddy always being the go-getter decided to befriend a few other Lucy Rose fans who held their ground near the stage. A group of nine suddenly got formed just like that and we got us all a nice, comfy couch with a bottle of wine and another bottle of hard liquor to go along with it[9]. I, my buddy and our instant couchmates that night have since become friends who are now looking forward to the next big occasion wherein we could all meet again and share our respective stories[10].

Little did I know as well that seeing Lucy Rose for the second time would eventually prove to be as equally memorable as her first ever visit here. While her debut appearance in Wanderland 2014 was backed along by a full band, last Monday night’s show was stripped down to just the bare essentials: Parton[11] onstage with just her saccharine vocals, an acoustic guitar and a Roland keyboard that the entire event should’ve been marketed as “An Intimate Evening with Lucy Rose”[12]. Most friends I’ve known throughout the years would know that I usually lean rather heavily towards more aggressive sounds but I also dig myself some easy listening stuff from time to time for a well-rounded musical obsession. Lucy Rose’s brand of introspective, campfire-ready indie folk is something I completely dig for the simple reason that I highly think of her as the current millennial generation’s counterpart to Vashti Bunyan, Shirley Collins, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez that some of their old folks surely must have listened to in their younger days.

Get you a woman who can do both.

Lucy Rose did a totally stellar job that night by her lonesome and in perhaps one of the most affectionate displays of being the down-to-earth artist she is despite having achieved a certain degree of success with two albums under her name, she actually took some time to have her photos taken not just with those who won the event organizers’ official meet-and-greet contest[13] but with practically almost everyone who stayed on for a little longer after the show had come to its inevitable close. No wonder Lucy Rose has such an incredibly immense fanbase here in the country.

This blog's author with Lucy Rose herself. Awwww....

Alright... two show reviews down, two more to go. Who would’ve thought I’d get back up on my feet to churning out more written pieces like this, eh?

1 Unless of course if one of your days off happens to fall on a Monday or you are very much in charge of your own time.
2 Gonna be making a Blast from the Past feature on Wanderland 2014 once I’m done with this month’s show reviews.
3 As I’m not really sure I would’ve gone solo flight given how I don’t really consider myself much a part of the uber-hip local indie scene. Trust me, I’m the most unhip person anyone would ever meet in their lifetime.
4 Included in their EP “Underneath the Roots”.
5 And who the band also brought along onstage that night.
6 Which I really hope would be included in their next record.
7 Standing room only.
8 I suddenly got reminded of that time when a frontman of another band whose show I went to had to ask us to clear all chairs and tables near the stage; also gonna be doing a Blast from the Past feature on that show real soon.
9 And in which we had to split the bill just to make it all worth the trouble.
10 Though I really hope last Monday night’s show would be the first and last time I would ever watch a foreign act while seated.
11 Lucy’s actual surname; fans should’ve known it already by now.
12 Then maybe I would’ve actually understood 12 Monkeys’ decision to not clear those couches and tables after all.
13 In which lucky Lucy Rose fans had to sing their hearts out on Instagram for a chance to meet her in person; as much as I like Lucy Rose, I’m not really sure I’m up for such a challenge.

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