Friday, November 25, 2016

Delorean Live in Manila

November 2016 sure is a crazy, busy month for concertgoers all over the Metro and beyond as not just one but FOUR(!!) foreign acts have visited our shores to share their different styles of music to their respective audiences. Being a rabid concertgoer myself, I decided to not miss out on all four shows for this month alone.

My first show review for the month of November 2016 almost wouldn’t have been written at all if I haven’t learned about the event itself by accident exactly a week before while casually browsing my Facebook news feed. I then brought it up during a conversation with a peer who manages a music page focusing mostly on the latest in the different local scenes[1] which then led me to check out the official page of Posporos, a rather new player in the ever-growing field of events organizing who decided to bring Spanish band and erstwhile Pitchfork darlings Delorean here as part of its third in an ongoing series of concerts that aim to foster prosperous[2] cultural exchange between Spain and the Philippines.

Delorean all the way from Spain

As if my initial surprise wasn’t enough, I was more than shocked to have found out that the entire event was billed as FREE OF CHARGE!! Yep.... I mean, what are the chances that a band heavily backed for some time by one of the leading tastemakers in indie music would perform in a country such as ours for ABSOLUTELY FREE, right?

Not even kidding as this event poster had proved.
Just like its namesake time machine from the Back to the Future trilogy, seeing Delorean perform live last Saturday night at XX XX[3] brought me back to 2010 when the band released their breakout single “Stay Close” right smack in the middle of the whole chillwave explosion which - for me, at least - left them a bit unfairly lumped with a genre that today’s millennial generation doesn’t even talk about that much anymore. If anything else, I’d more accurately describe Delorean’s sound as something akin to if Animal Collective dabbled even further in Balearic house and new rave[4] and just to hammer that point a little deeper, Delorean frontman Ekhi Lopetegi’s vocals can be a bit of a dead ringer for that of AnCo’s Panda Bear for the casual listener if not for the former’s singing accent which very easily gives away his entire band’s Spanish identity. I gotta admit though that I lost track of Delorean just a few years after their smash hit record “Subiza[5] got rave reviews from Pitchfork as well as other tastemaker music publications and blogs, thus my surprised reaction as stated in the above paragraph.

Last Saturday night’s event marked the very first time XX XX had hosted a full band setup[6] aside from its usual wordless fare which might have contributed to a few major technical issues that resulted in Lopetegi’s vocals having come across as rather faint even for some of us who were just a few inches away from the band as well as opening local act Tarsius having to repeat much of their own set after Delorean had finished performing. Gonna cut whoever’s behind XX XX’s mixer some slack for now as long as it doesn’t occur ever again.

Another thing I immediately noticed last Saturday night was that taking pictures during Delorean’s set in particular got allowed for some reason[7], a slight deviation from XX XX’s unwritten policy wherein its bouncers often reprimand patrons snapping photos within the said club’s premises. Still, I made sure not to take any photos of the main DJ area in observance of XX XX’s house rules.

This and the other photo above were the only good ones I took during Delorean's entire set last Saturday night over at XX XX.

One show review down, three more show reviews to go... thankfully, the last day of November is a national holiday which would definitely help a lot in letting me finish all four show reviews for the entire month.

1 And in which I also contribute articles under a nom de plume so as to differentiate between my work there and the more personalized stuff I write in this blog right here.
2 Pun slightly intentional.
3 Read as “20/20”, a relatively new club in the Metro catering towards various styles of electronic music though its main specialty is mostly house and techno.
4 As exemplified by “My Girls” and “Brother Sport”, both of which were carrier singles taken from THE AnCo album almost every indie scenester knows about by now: “Merriweather Post Pavilion”.
5 Wherein “Stay Close” was taken from as its carrier single along with the equally anthemic “Real Love”. The band then went on to release two more albums post-“Subiza”: 2013’s “Apar” whose one of its songs features the frontwoman of a synthpop band who would be visiting the country next month, and “Muzik” which was released just this year on the band’s own record label Phlex.
6 Please feel free to correct me on this one just in case.
7 Most probably as the band's instruments had been set up to the left side of the club.

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