Monday, September 12, 2016


This post is inspired by a comment I made on a friend's Facebook post. 

As someone whose childhood years were mostly accompanied by the sounds of mainstream terrestrial radio, there were some songs that just sort of got stuck in my head for some reason even as time passed by and my own musical tastes have changed along the way. One of those songs I'm referring to is this earworm that I believe is still getting its fair share of airplay to this day - at least in local FM radio stations specializing in the adult contemporary/MOR[1] format:

That tune right there called "Strangers Again" as performed by a South African New Wave/sophisti-pop band called Cinema2 is so damn recognizable by almost everyone and their mother and yet I honestly find it a bit unfair that the band itself got relegated over this side of the globe as a mere one-hit wonder despite having found out only very recently that they actually released a handful of albums throughout their existence. "Strangers Again" is originally included in their third album "Worlds Apart" that was released back in 1990. It is worth mentioning here that unlike the sad breakup song Cinema would eventually become known for during their erstwhile shot at global fame, most of the other songs in "Worlds Apart" are very much upbeat, typical of the New Wave explosion going on back in their heyday. Good thing I found a copy of "Worlds Apart" to listen to as it is indeed more interesting to judge an artist based on an entire record instead of just one hit single. Also, since one of the main purposes of this blog is to shine a spotlight on New Wave artists that have been largely forgotten over time, I have uploaded the entirety of Cinema's "Worlds Apart" album via one of the image links below. However, as much as I would love to collect their entire discography, Cinema doesn't even have an entry in Discogs[3] for some strange reason which is why the only other albums from them I have also uploaded aside from "Worlds Apart" for anyone who reads my posts in this blog are "Somewhere in Time"[4] and "Now and Then"[5]. I wish I had their entire discography but until then, this would have to do.

Somewhere in Time

Worlds Apart

Now and Then

1 Middle of the road.
2 Yep. Cinema were already repping South Africa way before Die Antwoord ever did.
3 The Discogs marketplace is a really great place to buy second-hand physical releases that are a bit hard to find even in physical bargain bins. Highly recommended.
4 Sophomore album released in 1988.
5 Greatest hits compilation with a few extra songs added for good measure released in 2006.

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