Friday, August 12, 2016

The Sweetest Ache

I recall having heard about Sarah Records from a handful of friends in the local indie scene some years ago who are deep into late 80's and early 90's jangle pop. The thing though is that I have never actually gotten around to taking a stab at listening to any artist from the said British underground record label which I honestly found at the time to be a bit too obscure for my personal taste coupled with my tendency for self-discovery at my own pace no matter how slow. As a matter of fact, it was only upon listening a few weeks back to an archived broadcast of a program over at freeform radio station WFMU[1] that I had my first taste of Sarah Records via the song "Tell Me How It Feels" from a band called The Sweetest Ache. I instantly liked what I heard since I'm a complete sucker for melody like that so who knows if I actually get around to exploring the whole Sarah Records universe soon...

HansonThe Sweetest Ache

Not gonna do a band bio anymore as that can be very easily found by just searching through the interwebs. What I can do instead is to cut to the chase and share The Sweetest Ache's entire discography from 1990 to 1993 comprised of a couple of full-length albums as well as a handful of 7-inch singles. Click on the images to download.

If I Could Shine b/w Here Comes the Ocean

Tell Me How It Feels b/w Heaven-Scented World

Everlasting b/w Sickening


A New Beginning b/w Sweet Soul Sister[3]

I Remember Caroline b/w Brown Fox


Grass Roots

1 Pardon me if I keep on mentioning WFMU in almost every post I make in this blog but damn if it isn't the best radio station I've ever come across in my lifetime.

2 "Jaguar" was the band's only full-length album on Sarah Records before putting out a few more 7" singles on Sunday Records and Watercolour as well as releasing their second/final album on Vinyl Japan.

3 Take that, Train!

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