Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lithics --- Borrowed Floors

Obsessive listening has taught me throughout the years to ALWAYS be on the lookout[1] for artists who have a rather interesting sound that stands out amidst a sea of copycats and forgettable duds. One of those artists to watch out for is a Portland, Oregon-based post-punk band called Lithics which I stumbled upon while listening to an episode of a program on freeform radio station WFMU. Though it's a bit unfortunate that there's not much information available about the band[2] other than they've been around since late 2014, Lithics thankfully have a full-length record released just last March on Water Wing Records called "Borrowed Floors".


For a debut album, "Borrowed Floors" is a keeper as I've been listening to it a handful of times already as of this writing. Perhaps it's the album's short running time of just 24 minutes(!) that left me having to play the whole damn thing over and over again. The angular guitars and start-stop dynamics are there but what I think sets Lithics apart from a lot of post-punk revivalists out there is that the vocals do not sound Siouxsie-inspired at all (which, frankly speaking, is becoming a bit too generic by now). The vocals we get instead from Lithics are almost deadpan and delivered in a sort of sing-song manner; only one other post-punk revival band I know of had done it before[3]. Bonus points as well for including a healthy dose of skronky sax on the last track of "Borrowed Floors" called "Seven People"[4].

Too bad that Lithics only posted a few songs off of "Borrowed Floors" in their official Bandcamp page so I decided to upload each song on YouTube as well as a copy of the entire album for anyone reading my posts in this blog to enjoy. Hoping that the band won't mind at all as I'm not even earning a single cent doing this blogging thing anyway.

"Burn on Burn"


"Thing in Your Eye"

"Human Doctor"


"Metal Helmet"


"African Mask"

"The Snake"

"Seven People"

Borrowed Floors

1 Despite having a bit of a bad phlegm-filled cough and common cold for a handful of days already as of this writing.

2 I really wish there was a lot of stuff about them - official bio, interviews and whatnot; jeez, I don't even know any of the band members' names at all - so that I could do a fuller write-up but I'd have to make do for now with whatever little info I could find about Lithics.

3 An upcoming feature on that band will be in the works soon.

4 Full disclosure: I'm a complete sucker for any song with sax in it no matter which genre it falls under.

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  1. Hi there,

    This is Bob from Lithics. While I'm genuinely happy that you like the record, and I thank you for the nice review, we would greatly appreciate it if you took down the youtube videos and download link. There are still copies of the LP available directly from us and from our label. Thanks!