Saturday, July 30, 2016

Caspar Brötzmann / Page Hamilton --- Zulutime

The name Page Hamilton is quite well-known to a lot of folks who immersed themselves into a lot of aggressive music back in the early 1990's as the vocalist and guitarist of alternative metal band Helmet. Hamilton's downtuned, dissonant guitar sound is often regarded as an essential influence in the development of nu-metal but unlike the dozens of cookie-cutter Limp Bizkit and Korn clones that arose in its wake, his work outside of Helmet is a bit more inaccessible and abrasive to the untrained ear - somewhat expected of him anyway as Helmet originally started life as a band signed to premiere noise rock record label Amphetamine Reptile Records.
Page Hamilton

Some who like their music a little more challenging might already be familiar with Page Hamilton's erstwhile stints as an original member of experimental musician Glenn Branca's ensemble and a guest guitarist in noise rock group Band of Susans' sophomore album "Love Agenda" but perhaps his most underrated outing thus far happened back in 1996 when he released a collaborative album with German guitarist Caspar Brötzmann[1] called "Zulutime". For a bit of added perspective, "Zulutime" was released just a few months prior to Helmet putting out their more commercial-sounding fourth album "Aftertaste" so one could very easily tell that Hamilton pretty much flew the freak flag and just let it all hang loose without the constraints of commercial success.

Not quite sure though as to exactly why "Zulutime" hasn't been available online (as I found out the hard way) since Page fucking Hamilton is in it but I'm here to finally rectify that by posting the entire record here for everyone to listen to. Per custom, YouTube links to each song as well as a backup version of the entire record uploaded to Mega have been helpfully provided in this post.


"Head Hunter"

"Hit Single"

"Dream Date"

"Suburban Blight"



1 I admittedly know nothing right now about Caspar Brötzmann; will definitely check his own discography in the next few weeks.

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