Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Back to Basics

How quickly time flies just like that... oh, hello! Welcome to my brand new blog right here called "Obsessive Listening". As the name implies rather very directly, this blog is where I get to put my relentless obsession with listening to basically almost anything that generates sound - whether it be music, non-music or just plain whatever - in documented form for everyone to partake upon. Quite unlike my old blog which had an admittedly cheesy name, I must say. "But that blog had some good stuff going on, man... just what exactly happened?", one might be tempted to ask... Here’s the score:

It’s been quite a while since I last blogged. I gotta admit that I haven’t been blogging as much as in the previous months when I was in a writing frenzy and nope, it’s not because I just suddenly ran out of ideas (though the ever persistent writer’s block happens from time to time). See, I’ve been hosting my old blog over at Wordpress, a platform loaded with features supposed to enhance one’s blogging experience. However, I’m not really sure I need most of those features as the dashboard containing them had considerably taken up a rather large amount of my home-based Internet connection’s bandwidth leaving my recent output significantly slowed down compared to when I first started. I had thus come up with the decision to leave Wordpress and go back to the less bandwidth-intensive Blogger where I initially learned how to do this whole blogging thing. All entries I’ve previously posted in my Wordpress blog will eventually be transferred to this new blog right here. Really looking forward to writing more often now that I’ve made the big switch to a platform that’s lighter and gets the job done rather quickly.

Another decision I’ve made for this blog is that it will not contain any music review whatsoever as I honestly feel all of the more known music blogs and publications already do that anyway. What I plan to do in the next few months instead is that aside from the usual show reviews which I’ve been doing in my old blog, I will include a section which will allow me to do not just long-form features with rather specific topics in mind but also posts that will be very much in the vein of Sophie’s Floorboard, Cut and Paste, and similar sites hosted in Blogger though instead of hardcore punk and metal, I’d be uploading records that are a) unavailable in Spotify, b) not up for free download over at Bandcamp anytime soon, or c) just generally hard to find in file-sharing sites and elsewhere from certain artists/bands that are often classified as New Wave - reason being that I want this section in particular to serve as a more visible extension of my previous contributions to a Facebook group of fellow enthusiasts of New Wave music who also shared their own files there (though I would also be occasionally uploading stuff from other genres just to keep things a little interesting). All uploads will be hosted in the also-rebooted Mega (formerly Megaupload) as long as that file sharing site gets its shit together and does not face any legal wrangling anymore from stupid protectors of something called "copyright". Nah, not really giving a single damn at all about the possibility of anyone complaining about copyright infringement because seriously, FUCK COPYRIGHT!. The mere concept of it alone should be thrown into the dustbins of history so that some like-minded soul out there can partake in the rich vastness of sounds all waiting to be heard.


That and I am rather fond of taking the stuff that I listen to anywhere with me even in places where I find it quite inconvenient or without any Internet connection at all where I am unable to stream online, thus me calling this blog "Obsessive Listening".

Definitely coming up with lots of posts in this blog’s foreseeable future, cheers!

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